No other pharmaceutical company has been willing to take responsibility in Maine to support prevention initiatives like Project AWARE [Purdue’s initiative].”

Ruth Blauer
Executive Director of the Maine Association of Substance Abuse Programs, June 2003

Purdue Pharma has done more in a few short years to assist law enforcement and regulatory agencies in fighting drug diversion than any entity I know.”

Commander John Burke
Vice President, NADDI NADDI Rx News, September 2004

“I encourage the FDA to consider seriously the public health and safety benefits of abuse deterrent formulations of opioids. These studies make a strong case that certain abuse-deterrent features make it harder to abuse OxyContin.”

Connecticut Gov. Dannel Malloy
27 February 2013

Reformulated OxyContin Received Praise from Federal & State Government Officials, Including Many From States That Are Plaintiffs Today

National Association of Attorneys General
Signatures from Federal and State Government Officials
Letter from NAAG, December 2013