Tufts University’s Investigation Found Purdue & Sackler Family Conducted Themselves Properly

When Tufts announced the removal of the Sackler name, Tufts also released an independent report[1] concluding Purdue and the Sackler family conducted themselves properly.

Tufts University Report 2019

“… we determined that the funds received by Tufts from the Sacklers and Purdue were predominantly used in areas unrelated to opioids and pain management. Even where there was a relationship … we found no evidence that the funds materially affected or skewed the academic program.”

We found no evidence that [Richard Sackler] ever discussed opioids or engaged in any activity to explicitly advance Purdue’s business interests as a member of the Board of Advisors.”

We did not discover any evidence of improper demands, quid pro quos, conditions on donations or grants, or improper attempts to influence or interfere with research or academic programs.”

“Purdue did not appear to have any special influence among any of the other sponsors, nor is there any evidence of any special demands, requests or initiatives by Purdue.”

Report and Recommendations Concerning the Relationship of the Sackler Family and Purdue Pharma with Tufts University, December 5, 2019[1]

Peter Dolan, chairman of the Tufts Board of Trustees, acknowledged the decision was based on optics:

We had to deal with the reality that the Sackler name has become associated with a health care epidemic.”

December 5, 2019[2]